Russian Serial Adders!

I've gotten two in the last two days! What do they get out of sitting on my friend's list??? I surely don't write anything interesting here, and most is friend's only, so they see even less!

I'll even make this a public entry; maybe they can tell me? I doubt they will.

Palin for VP!

I've just been watching a bit of Fox News and learning a bit more about Sarah Palin. I take back a comment I made earlier that her lack of experience may hurt the ticket.

It sounds like she has quite a bit more experience than Obama. And the more I hear, the more I like the the McCain-Palin combination. Palin strongly offsets McCain's liberal tendencies in more than one area. She is Pro-Life, and comes down on the right side of the energy debate.

I hope all my US friends are ready to enjoy a Labor day holiday. I know I sure am. It's time for our round of birthday celebrations. Yesterday was Abigail's birthday. Tomorrow is Jessica's and Mine is Monday.
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hard drive replacement

I've got an older Dell Laptop. The hard drive has been failing for a while. I've reformatted it and it worked for a while, but the other day, I reformatted and it did not even make it to the second reboot in windows installation.

So, I finally broke down and ordered a new hard drive from It came today. 80 GB in place of the 56 GB that was there. I was shocked at how light the hard drive is.

I thought a silly, stripped philips screw was going to stop me, but I got it out with pli-*--*ers! :-)

The hard drive is formatted and Windows is copying files. If this works, Pam will be using it in the kitchen to watch Internet TV.


It looks like another hot one here. 75 degrees already at 7am.
Tomorrow may reach 95, but we have thundershowers possible each day so that may bring some cool.

I am hearing good reports from grandma Pam about little Gracie, but I keep missing out!

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! God bless!
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(no subject)

I think they must have moved the LJ servers to Russia. I can't get my friend's page to come up half the time any more.
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Obligatory - I'm still here update...

Doing OK here. Just living each day as it comes. Not much new on this end. I can't believe the year is almost 1/2 over already!

We're getting into the streamy, hot days of Summer. I like it!

I hope everyone is doing well. I am reading my Flist mostly everyday, even though I don't comment much.


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I rarely add those who add me out of the blue and if I can't tell by your journal content that we would likely be friends, I probably will not add you back.
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