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13 February 2001 @ 01:37 pm
New friend  
I just noticed Kicker added me as a friend and I have added her. Welcome Kicker.

Not doing a whole lot today. I am studying JAVA a bit. Even though I know C, it is quite a stretch for me. I guess we all need to be stretched once in a while!
~*kicker*~: dr.pepper/mountain dewkicker on February 13th, 2001 02:41 pm (UTC)
Gary, how was your day? *smiles happily* just curious!! ~*kicker*~
Garygdj on February 13th, 2001 03:25 pm (UTC)
Re: hi
It was pretty good. I didn't have my laptop so I had to keep my web browsing down because they monitor our internet usage at work!

How was your day? Did you learn a lot?
~*kicker*~: flutterbykicker on February 13th, 2001 06:37 pm (UTC)
*sleeping on the "g" key....*gggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Well...learn or relearn? Today I went to student observations leaving at 8:30....observing from 9-10:30, yup...I'm gonna love bein' a teacher :) (grades 4-9 is my liscensure I'm aiming for, specifically 4,5) then I went to lunch. At 12:00 I had prescalculus, I took calculus in high school, I'm just relearning my junior year in high school. :) I need to relearn trig....b/c I skipped trig. Then I had wellness, it turns out I have a "poor diet" then she threw our entire class out gave us -10 pts. b/c people were talking (I wasn't as usual b/c I have no real friends to talk to there)...she's pregnant, kinda moody, and has 200 students for ONE class...poor lady. (Normal classes are less than 20 students.) Then I had a conference with my honors writing prof for our latest paper, I'm doing okay, need to put more me and less research into papers. (there i go over thinking again) then, i didn't have band today b/c he plays with time schedule, and i ate dinner went to my comp class, and as usual, played a bit during class (i was bored?) Now i'm back, sleepy, and *sniffs* need to take a shower cause i smell like the cafeteria :P!! hehe, there's the novel version of my day. *laughs happily* ~*kicker*~