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07 April 2001 @ 11:26 am
Our men's breakfast was good as always. Originally, our Saturday meets were to discuss a 12 tape series on the Spirit of Elijah. This morning we decided to stop at tape six and go into more detail on those first six tapes. I think this was a wise decision as so much of the series builds one tape on the next and many, including me, are still struggling to put the first tape into practice.

That first tape was on our identity as men which is handed down to us from our earthly fathers and ultimately from our heavenly Father. This centers on our identity as sons of God. More later...my daughter just arrived!
Shelliecobaltblue on April 7th, 2001 10:47 am (UTC)
Honor Bound
There was a similar program at my old church called Honor Bound for men, and I always prayed my husband would have the desire to get involved.

I'm glad to hear it is a blessing to you. Maybe our new church will have some sort of men's ministry. I know that I have always grown the most in the women's ministry.

Garygdj on April 7th, 2001 03:11 pm (UTC)
Re: Honor Bound
This particular series is by Norm Wakefield. He has a web site at www.spiritofelijah.com that has quite a bit of information if you are interested. Since much of what he teaches is on our identity in Christ, it is applicable for men and women.

In the past, our church has had a much more active women's ministry in comparison to the men's ministry. Hopefully this is changing now!