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09 April 2001 @ 09:28 am
George Johansen slowly and carefully stretched his legs. He had been waiting for the deer most of the night and now it was almost time for the sun to rise above the hills in the East. George knew that as soon as the sun warmed the ground, the deer he had been stalking all night would hide itself away for a long, warm sleep and he would not find it.

A thin, gray mist covered the ground, and now the Eastern sky was beginning to turn a faint shade of pink, as the sun prepared to make it's journey across the sky. Now, the forest floor was just beginning to show in the pre-dawn light. Birds had been calling to each other for some time now in anticipation of the coming dawn. As George quietly waited, all around him the forest was changing. The night creatures were settling down for a day's rest and the light-loving animals were beginning to stir. The pine needles that covered the forest floor were soft under him, as George kneeled, hidden behind a bush. The air was filled with the scent of pine, and the smell of a distant skunk imposed itself on his senses. George's stomach rumbled. It sure would be nice to be able to bring a deer back for his family.

While he waited, George thought back to a conversation he had with his neighbor, Bill. Bill had been telling George about the scientific evidence that the earth and everything on it was the result of something called evolution. As Bill explained it, life had begun from a random collection of chemicals in an ancient ocean. Through a process of chance combinations, and something called survival of the fittest, eventually man and all the creatures of the present had come about. George was a bit worried about Bill. In the face of all the splendor and detail in this world, how could anyone believe that it had all come about by chance?

As George was deep in thought, the sun had become an angry red ball in the Eastern sky, and the forest was revealed in the red light of morning. George knew that he would get no deer today, but he knew that God, the creator of all, would provide for George and his family, as He had done many times in the past. George said a silent prayer of thanksgiving as he walked back to his home and family.
MJ1485squares on April 9th, 2001 09:01 am (UTC)
Very nice story, Gary, and I read it all! But Nah-NeeNah-Nah! to the hunter George..... and HURRAY for the smart & hiding deer!
George was right, in prayer, but I believe wrong in going to kill a harmless animal. What did that deer ever do to him? Such a beautiful, majestic, and strong FREE animal? I asked my boys (whilest they were growing up) the very same binch of questions. (& a few more) And they became or ever will be hunters.
I know guys like to do the manly hunting thing, but I am always going to be rooting for the deer.
{gotta tell ya this story, now--}
A few years ago, a young strapping man of approx. 22 or 23 years, was helping milking. He despised the girls, and thought he was just so macho. The girls always misbehaved, & knew dang well he didn't like them... and they all acted out so much, it about pissed me off. It made my work harder cuz just about every 4 cows, something would happen, or a cow just would NOT move. I had to go talk nice to that cow, or whatever, and it corrected itself. Until the next 4 came thru or left. It was hilarious. The guy was going hunting one set of mornings, before milking, and boasted of getting that 30 point buck. He asked everyone around, where he could go & be able to get him. I loved hearing the silly answers he got, all the while worrying & rooting for the buck/deer. I NEVER allowed hunters on my property. (WOW!! another GREAT story!) anyway, he finally, on his 4th day, pranced into the barn proclaiming to have got him. Later he changed his tune, to truthfully say that he got another buck. NOT the 30 pointer. HURRAY!!! YIPPEE!! After milking, I called the meat locker in Elmwood., & asked my friend (the butcher) what Davids' order was... with the buck he left there, that morning. He told me, and included that David wanted the rack. Not a very big rack, but he wanted it, to presumably mount. I asked the butcher to PLEASE leave the EARS on the rack project. He laughed & did it! David never even noticed it, a few weeks later, when he picked it all up. Until during the afternoon milking, when I teased him about it. Dang, was HE pissed, then! I told him it was there to remind him of how cruel he was & how it ruined that bucks' day.

I got WAY off track, here...sorry.
Nice story, Gary!!
sending apologetic pink {{hugs}}
Garygdj on April 9th, 2001 09:58 am (UTC)
Re: HHhmmnnn...
Well, believe it or not, I have only hunted once (for duck), but we didn't get anything. I doubt that I could even shoot a deer!

The deer was just an excuse to be in the woods for the story. :-) I do believe I could hunt, if my family truely needed the food, but don't think I would enjoy it merely for the sport of it.

Thanks for the cow story! Animals know people, I am sure of it. Some day I'll have to tell you my cows as calf sitters story.

No need to apologize {{hugs}}
man_vs_wild on April 9th, 2001 05:12 pm (UTC)
Garygdj on April 9th, 2001 06:41 pm (UTC)
Thanks Lew. I was just feeling a bit creative. I don't write like that often, but I enjoy it when I do.