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It's a wrap...

The weekend is drawing to a close. Actually, it is over for all intents and purposes.

This has been a good weekend. If someone would just figure out how to get another day in there... I guess I'll just have to declare a 3 day weekend on my own. I suppose there is on coming up in May. Maybe I'll stretch it out to a 4 day! My office partner is going to be gone the last three days of the week, so I will have the office to my self. That will be ok, if nothing happens out of the ordinary.

Well, the thunder is rolling in the hills of Kansas West of us. Soon it will be here and I have a feeling tonight will be a noisy one. The wind and rain I don't mind too much, as long as the wind does not take the circular pattern.

Good night all, I am gone upstairs to read and get ready for the week!

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