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Good morning!

The sun was already coloring the horizon pink when I left from home. At first it was merely a glow in the East, but the pink deepened as I drove just a short distance. There was one big, dark-gray cloud in the Southwest, that I thought would surely be untouched by the sunrise. It had three wisps of cloud which dropped down from the main body of the cloud, very unusual. Clouds are so fun to watch because they are as unique as snowflakes, but I could not pay too close attention, as I had to keep the car on the road. About halfway to work, as I came over a rise in the road, the sun was an angry pink ball on the horizon. As I glanced to the Southwest, I could see that the big cloud was now pink instead of dark-gray! Even the backs of highway signs in my rear-view mirror were pink. It was a pink invasion! Soon the sun will be in my eyes as I drive and my days of watching the sunrise will be over for a time. Will today be the best ever or is there better to come? I guess we will just have to wait and see!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday!

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