Gary (gdj) wrote,

One friend deletes and another comes on board...

I was just looking at my friend's list and noticed I had someone there who was new to me. I'd don't know how long you've been there zuperpaco, or how you happened to find my journal, but welcome in any case. I see we have a very important person as a mutual interest. :-) I have added you to my reading list as well.

I'm going to take this Friday off again (I might make this a habit like you do Peg :-) ), but this week I am only working 8 hour days, so it will be a day off indeed. Monday is Memorial day, so I'll have a 4 day weekend! Last Friday didn't feel too much like a day off after my 2 hour doctor's appointment.

I am due to leave work in 22 minutes and counting!

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