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Good Morning!

Happy Birthday Becca neverenoughtime!

The sunrise this morning was a study on contrasts. There were many very heavy clouds on the eastern horizon. They were so heavy that the sun light could not penetrate them, but the edges of the clouds were lit up and I could tell that the other side of the clouds were very brightly lit by the morning sun. At one point in my drive, there was a small window in the clouds near the horizon where the sun had turned the clouds bright pink. Everywhere else, the clouds were charcoal gray with bright yellow edges. The clouds to the West were highlighted with reflected pink. All in all, it was a very satisfying sunrise!

In other news, I stopped at Target last night on my way home and took my blood pressure. It was 163/87 with a pulse of 88. My pulse used to be 55 to 60, but that was in my younger years.

I hope everyone has a great Wednesday! It's hump day, although for me it's past hump day already this week. I sure like these Friday's off. ;-)

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