October 28th, 2000

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Good Morning!

Thanks to whorlpool and his Photoshop work, my picture looks a bit better this morning. Because it's me, I am never going to be quite satisfied with it *grin*.

It looks like it might be a rainy day here, otherwise, I'd sure like to get a certain antenna installed.

I hope you all have a good weekend.
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*chuckles* Lakme thought the new picture was a bit too pink. Lovepink, I'm sure you would have liked it *grin*. So, I took a shot with my own photo software and you see the results. If it's a bit too green, you can call it my Halloween look!
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Much to do about nothing, or something like that *smile*

Contrary to popular opinion, I am leaving this picture up. At least for a while. I am working on a change that is almost visible in the current picture. In another week, it should be available *grin*. Ten points to anyone who can see the change now!
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