November 15th, 2000

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Possible computer disaster ahead!</h2>

I decided to uninstall Internet Explored 5.5 yesterday on my laptop. I was experiencing slow actions in Windows Explorer and I have heard this is a probable cause. During the uninstall I saw a reference to Outlook Express (my e-mail program) and I checked that box. My understanding was that Outlook Express would roll-back to the previous version, just as IE was supposed to.

Now, on starting up my computer, I see Outlook Express is gone, therefore I don't know if my e-mail messages are gone. I am currently downloading I.E. 5.5 with Outlook Express. After the install I will know. Unfortunately, I had some e-mail messages that I was saving, such as program registrations, so I better not have lost it all!


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Wow, a real subject line!

Thanks to Leidtexan I have found the subject line! This new client is the greatest. Well, at least until something better comes along. My thanks to the programmers!

Well, my E-mail disaster has been averted. My E-mail is back, and not the worse for wear. Next time, I will have to be more careful!
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