December 16th, 2000

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The temperature is still falling. We are down to 10 degrees now with windchill to -24 degrees! The wind is howling outside our windows. I don't like this at all. Oh how I long for those years we spent in Hawaii.
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    Mary Jane Lamond - Cha Tig Mr Mo Bhean Dhachaidh

Last call for entries

It's getting to be about that time, I suppose. That thermometer just keeps on dropping. It's at 1 degree F. now. I think it's supposed to go to minus 5 at least. Brrr. I'm glad I'm in here and not out there!

I decided to download ICQ and give it another try. I'll see how long it lasts and perhaps post my number here.

Good night - now I think it's really Saturday.
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    Carol Thompson - The Three Captains (Set Dance)