January 4th, 2001


Good Morning!

This morning I think I hit my snooze button in my sleep because I do not remember hearing that first alarm! That's scary.

But, I'm here, and kind of ready to go. Come on weekend! At least it is supposed to attain 43 degrees today and 50 degrees by Friday or Saturday. The streets will be sloppy, but maybe we can get ride of this ice and snow. That would be nice.
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Java anyone?

I am now a Java guru. Hehe, in my dreams. Actually, I have barely scratched the surface in my studies, and it looks as though I'll be studying for a bit! For anyone who is not a computer geek, I speak of the Java computer language developed by Sun Systems.

This Java is not sold at Starbucks, although I did see a news item that Microsoft is going to team with Starbucks to offer Internet services at the Starbucks cafes. They may be onto something. Computers and coffee seem to go together.
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