April 7th, 2001

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Our men's breakfast was good as always. Originally, our Saturday meets were to discuss a 12 tape series on the Spirit of Elijah. This morning we decided to stop at tape six and go into more detail on those first six tapes. I think this was a wise decision as so much of the series builds one tape on the next and many, including me, are still struggling to put the first tape into practice.

That first tape was on our identity as men which is handed down to us from our earthly fathers and ultimately from our heavenly Father. This centers on our identity as sons of God. More later...my daughter just arrived!

This is for Kicker!

LJ won't let me comment, so maybe this will work! I really like that entry you put up last night. That poem is good - ah the mercy and grace of our Lord. None would be here, but for that. It really seems that you are going through some major changes in your life. I can see the difference in your entries. There's so much more excitement in them! Take care and enjoy the soccer! It's good to here your breathing is good too!
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Taxes, good food and more taxes...

Today has been good. After my men's meeting my older daughter came and we did her taxes on the computer. We got her a good refund for federal after the telefile told her that she owned them! Then we went out to lunch with my mother to celebrate her 79th birthday, which is actually tomorrow. The only one missing was my son and he showed up while we were still eating. He came back to the house with us and we did his taxes too.

Now I have to print up my state taxes and send them off. I am procrastinating, since I own them money!

The weather is beautiful. It's 78 degrees and not a cloud in the sky. It is a bit windy from time to time, but not too bad really. Summer is coming!
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I am getting this LJ oh oh, we're probably doing something wrong message!

If I owe someone a reply, I am trying...
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