April 13th, 2001

Good morning

Well, the sky was a faint shade of pink as I made my turn from East to North on my drive in this morning. I hope it turned into a wonderful sunrise for someone. Maybe next week I will be able to see it for myself for a few days on it's way past.

TGIF! And Good Friday besides. Never mind that it's Friday the 13th. That means nothing to me.

I hope you all have a wonderful day, especially those who have to work! Those who have the day off have a good start on it anyway!
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words can hurt

Sometimes LJ can be a dangerous place. It's so easy to say the wrong words or read someone's words and get an entirely different meaning than was intended because the reader does not know all of the background behind the words. In addition, the written medium does not convey emotions well, the emoticons are sometimes used, but not always to best effect.

Each one of us brings many different things to LJ because we have each one had different experiences in our lives. These experiences color everything that we do and see, even if we do not intend them to do so.

Sooner or later people will let you down because people are human and to be human is to be imperfect. So let me apologize now for anything that I may say in the future or something that I may have said in the past that has hurt someone. In most cases, it was probably not my intention to hurt you. I am just not that way, but I am not perfect and I will probably let you down sooner or later.
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