April 14th, 2001

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Well, I'm off to my weekly men's meeting at church. I see the sun outside, so I think it's going to be another nice day. We have a 30 percent chance of rain I think. I hope everyone enjoys their Saturday!


I just completely redid my computer configuration at home. I moved my main computer across the room so that I could avoid the sunshine on the screen. It's going to take some getting used to, but I think I'm going to like it this way.

I also ran a second split from our TV antenna, so Pam could get better use from her kitchen TV. If she's going to watch TV, it might as well look good. It's too bad it won't improve the programming!
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Pam and I had lunch at a local Mexican restaurant and ate on their patio. It was a bit cool because the sun had gone behind the building, but it has been beautiful today. The rain may hold off until late tonight and tomorrow is supposed to be nice also! Hurray for Spring!
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good night

Well, we are getting ready for round two or three. I've lost track. Anyway, we have a Protector, so I am not worried!

Tomorrow we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ! The one event that makes Christianity possible more than any other except for his sacrifice on the cross!
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