April 23rd, 2001

Good morning!

Happy Birthday Grady!

The ride into work was pleasant. Actually, I think I must have slept through most of it as I don't remember much. :-) Does that ever happen to anyone else. You realize where you are and can't remember the drive there?

It's another Monday. I'm going to try and see that does not ruin my day. I'll let you know how it goes...

Everyone have a good day!
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My dream this morning...

I just remembered a strange dream I had early this morning. I had what I think was a racket ball and perhaps a racquetball racket and was trying to hit it against a practice wall that was surrounded by a 10 foot high fence. There was also a girl or women there, trying to hit a tennis ball. I think she had a tennis racket. She hit her ball and it bounced back toward me, so I took a swing at it and it went over the wall and outside the fence. The woman calls out to someone outside the fence asking them to get the ball. Then all of a sudden (you know how dreams are), we are outside the fence and this man comes up riding on a silver surf board. Except it wasn't a real surf board because it had a wheel in the back where the stabilizer fin would be and it was powered by some unknown force. I woke up as he was demonstrating how he could do a wheelie and I got the impression that the next thing he wanted to do was come completely of the ground with the board.

Any dream analyzers out there?