May 8th, 2001

I saw one!

Good morning.

The eastern sky near the horizon was awash with a light shade of pink. Higher up there were some wispy clouds shaded in yellow. As I got closer to work, the pink faded to a pale yellow and the clouds brightened as the sun shone on them. I forgot to check, but the almost full moon was surely in my rear-view mirror.

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope your day goes well!

Gas Prices...

They are going up again. Question for my friends:

How much do YOU pay for unleaded gas? In US dollars, if those outside the states can make the conversion. Maybe seeing what others are paying will make at least some of us feel better. :-) We are paying $169.9 per gallon here.

The grass is greener on the other side...

It's 77 degrees outside and about 100 degrees in my body! :=) I just finished mowing the front yard. I walked perhaps 1/4 mile altogether, but it felt like much more! We need to finish this round of cutting so it can rain again on Thursday.

I've got a DP chilling in the freezer. I wish I had thought to put it in before I started cutting. It would be ready by now. :-) I'll have to make do with this water until it does.
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