May 17th, 2001

POP goes the weasel...

My right ear gives a POP every now and then. It's somewhat like the pop when you are descending in an airplane and you pop your ears. I must have loosened something up in there. It doesn't hurt at all.

T-storm warnings all around...

The sky is getting very dark outside to the West and North. If things continue as they are, we could be in for a soaking and a pounding! I just walked out down to my car and rolled the windows up. Maybe that will keep it form raining. :-) I hope it's over with quickly. We've had enough rain for a while. Send it East, I say, East to those who need it more than we do! :-)

starting the count down

I've got a bit more than an hour left before I can go home. I've worked three days of 10 hours each to get tomorrow off. I much rather work 5 eight hour days most of the time, but this will be nice too.

I don't imagine I will make many entries tomorrow, but I'll try to check in and read at least.