May 21st, 2001

Things go better with decaffeinated...

Good morning!

The sunrise this morning was quite nice. There were some thick clouds near the horizon which did not allow the sunrise to show through, but a bit higher in the sky there was a thinner band of clouds which allowed the intense, yellow light of the sun to be revealed. Even higher up there were some wispy clouds which reflected the more subtle, pink light of the sun. By the time I was pulling into the work parking lot, the sun was visible above the horizon like a fiery yellow ball.

I am drinking half decaffeinated, half leaded coffee this morning.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day! I'm off to see how my friends are doing.

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But how can I do that when LJ is down. Talk about mindless error messages! This is just about as bad as the message from windows that windows was shutdown improperly and scandisk must be run. To avoid seeing this message, shutdown windows properly! I'd like to do that, but when Windows 98 locks up or will not shutdown properly, it's a bit hard to shutdown properly! Grrr!
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