May 29th, 2001

Good morning

The sun was a hot pink ball on the eastern horizon at about my half-way point this morning. From there until I got to work, I played a cosmic game of peek-a-boo with the sun. I was almost too late to see the sunrise display, but the clouds and sky near the sun were colored various shades of pink and yellow.

Today was my first trip into work with my new CD player. I listened to one of my Celtic CDs - Capercaillie A Secret People. It was a very nice way to start the day.

I hope everyone is having a good Tuesday! Tomorrow is hump day!
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(no subject)

My windows 2000 partition on my home computer has problems. I know the value of backups, I really, really do! But I got caught without a backup anyway! :-( I am in windows 98 now. My windows 2000 CD is an upgrade version and I am having problems trying to install a repair version. This may take a while!
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