June 7th, 2001

A study in contrasts

I was hopeful as I left home this morning. The sky looked much lighter than it had for several mornings. As I turned East, I could see that I was correct; I was going to see quite a display. The eastern horizon was splattered with a bank of dark clouds, but there was a small clear band near the horizon. Soon the clouds were tinged with pink and the anger red ball of the sun could be seen in that thin window. Higher up in the sky, there was one of those windows in the clouds that created a glorious sight. The clouds surrounding the window were dark and unaffected by the sun, but the very edge of the clouds was bright yellow where the sun shone through. With the sun getting higher in the sky by the moment, the clouds were transformed. I walked the long way around the building before going inside, so ZI could see it all for a bit longer! I surely must have a digital camera. This kind of display just has to be shared.
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