August 3rd, 2001

Good Morning!

The sun came up this morning, as it does every day, but there wasn't much color in the East. I suppose there was a lack of clouds to bounce the light off of.

I'm still coughing more than I would like, but I slept pretty well last night. I don't know why this cough is hanging on. If it were merely brought on by the meds, it should be gone by now, unless the new med is creating some of the same affect to a lesser degree.

I hope everyone has a good day. TGIF!
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Loosing LJ friends is not fun!

Another friend has deleted today. I guess I really don't understand the appeal of deletion. I can understand not writing in LJ because you are depressed, but deletion is like virtual suicide. Maybe that's it - a desire to wipe yourself off of the face of LJ, if not the earth.

In any case, Jo, if you are reading, I hope you get to the bottom of yourself and can start to work your way up again! God bless you!
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Your eyelids are getting heavy. You can't keep them open. You are getting very sleepy.

I don't know about you, but I am struggling this morning. I still have a bit sleep dept to pay and I'm really looking forward to getting caught up this weekend, if my cough will allow.

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I have less than an hour left before my weekend starts. I hope I feel like doing more than sleeping, but that will be an enjoyable part of it, cough willing!
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