October 25th, 2001


Ah, breakfast...

Now that my hands are free, I can continue. :-)

Driving home last night, the Fall colors were nice. I think we are just about at our peak for color and many leaves are already falling at our house.

Last night, I burned CDs. I played around on my laptop while I burned them on the desktop computer. I was really happy to see that I completed 4 CDs. The only problem is that I couldn't get them to work in my bedroom player or my car player this morning. I know I finalized them too. I think I know what the problem was. The computer was acting strangely last night. I had to reboot after each CD was finished so that the program would load properly. I just recently installed a disk cache manager program. I think it is the source of my troubles!

I hope everyone has a good day today!

God bless!
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