November 12th, 2001

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I've gained back over a meg in data space from converting my mp3's to wma's. For anyone interested, I'm using a freeware converter called DBpowerAMP Music Converter. It's really quite a program.
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Can you say beat?

I knew you could!

I am worn out. I just got back form the Y. I walked 1.65 miles in 30 minutes. I selected a more hilly course this time. Then I walked a couple of laps on the track to cool down. At that point, I decided I had not had enough punishment, so I got on one of those Percor torture machines. It sad it was a CrossSomethingorother. I managed to last for 10 more minutes. I did learn that the incline rate was variable and I played around with that a bit. It claims that different leg muscles are exercised at different inclines and I am believing it is true. My muscles are going to scream at me tomorrow! :-)
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