March 11th, 2002


Good morning

I slept well last night. I hope everyone did as well!

Today looks like it will be pretty pleasant weather-wise. 50's and cloudy is forecast and it's upper 30's already.

The men's retreat was very good, as I had expected. I didn't sleep well on the one night there, but I never sleep well away from home, in a strange bed where it's noisy and alternately too warm and then too cold! I'm thankful that I did not go on the retreat to sleep. :-)

I'll share some more after a bit. Meanwhile, I hope everyone has a good day today, even if it is Monday!
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The world in a seed...

I have been a Christian for over 30 years now. In that time, I've heard thousands of sermons and attended many retreats and seminars. I remember not wanting to attend last year's men's retreat. I was discouraged. I had heard all these messages and very little had made a difference in my life!

The emphasis of last weekend's retreat was The Hope of God's Call. Our speaker, Norm Wakefield, gave us much to be hopeful about!

One thing that he said which made a lot of sense was that every teaching that we hear comes to us in seed form. In the natural, if we take a packet of seeds and put it on the shelf, it will not be likely to produce anything for us, no matter how good those seeds are. If, however, we take those seeds and put them into prepared soil, and water and weed the plot, then we will quite likely get some results after some time. If the seeds are from a fruit, we might even get some fruit to eat and enjoy!

When we hear a message, no matter how good, if we just put it on the shelves of our mind, it will do us very little good and we will probably be discouraged that no change has occurred in our lives. If we take that message home with us and cultivate it by meditating on it and praying about it until it is a part of our lives, then we are likely to see some good fruit in our lives at some point.
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