June 26th, 2002

sunrise in cross

Good morning

There was a big, old pink spot in the sky this morning. As I got closer to work the pink shifted to orange and when I was on top of a rise, I could see the hot, orange sun peeking over the horizon! We're supposed to get rain later today, but it's going to be hot too at 93 degrees!

I hope everyone has a good day today! Happy Hump Day! It's all downhill from here!
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I thought I'd be a sheep...

Gary is listening.
Gary is also held in high esteem by his peers.
Gary is on vacation.
Gary is here for you.
Gary is also an EMT-D BTLS
Gary is cooking!
Gary is also part of sketch comedy group that he writes for
Gary is effectively being introduced to an entire Generation Z.
Gary is One of America's Leading Experts on Business Internet
Gary is "Unbelievable".

And I'll leave it at that! :-)

For those who haven't seen one of these before, this is some of what I found when I asked for "gary is" at google.com.
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