October 25th, 2002


good morning

I had a dream last night. That in itself is not anything unusual. With my frequent trips to the bathroom, I seem to dream quite a bit. What was unusual about this dream was that my father was in it. My father has been dead for about 20 years. The dream did not seem long. My father and I were walking somewhere and stopped some place to get a drink. The good thing about the dream was that I felt completely at peace in my father's company. As I have probably shared here before, that did not happen often with my father. Maybe this means I have finally made my peace with him!

It's still dripping outside, but it's supposed to end this morning and we may even see a bit of the sun! The weekend is almost here. our men's group is meeting this Saturday. One of the men has invited us over to his house for breakfast! I should be good fellowship and good food. Two of the best things in this life!

I hope eveyone has a great day today!
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Here awhile back, I signed up to get several syndicated feeds on my lj list, but I am not seeing anything of them on my friend's page when I read it. Is anyone else reading any and how are you doing it? Does it require a special format on the friend's page?