November 15th, 2002


Good morning

Ah, Friday! and I get off work at 12:30 to boot! I got my friends network talking last night. One computer was giving an exception error when the other tried to access it. The network cables were OK, as I was able to ping the other computer. I ended up uninstalling the ethernet card in the offending machine and reinstalling and configuring. When I was done, it was all working again. We were even able to share a printer that we were not able to share last time!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Friday! I plan to do just that!
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Leonid Meteor Showers..

Is anyone planning on getting up early on the 19th to watch the meteor showers? They say the best time to see them should be Nov. 19th at 4:30am Central weather permitting. Here's an article from NASA with viewing tips.