July 9th, 2003


good morning

As soon as I turned toward the North this morning I knew the sunrise was going to be glorious! There were just enough clouds to make it interesting and the sky was clear where the sun was coming up. The clouds were those whispy type too! The clouds went from soft pink to bright pink and then transitioned to golden by the time I arrived at work! Very nice!

I did not sleep well last night! There was just too much going on in my mind. We were trying out a fan and it worked too well. I find that I can't sleep with a fan blowing directly on me. So I got up and turned it off and then lay there an sweltered. We can't keep the air on too high because Abigail gets chilled. Here circulation is poor I guess.

So here's hoping the day goes well for us all and quickly besides!

edit: my space bar on my laptop is misbehaving, so please understand if there lacks a space or two in this! :-)
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