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This and that...

I'm still running at 28.8 here at work. I looked for a modem yesterday, but didn't find what I wanted in the price range I am willing to pay. Compusa had a modem/ethernet card combo on their web site for $99. I checked ad it was in-stock at the store near by. The salesperson at the store disclaimed any knowledge of it. I re-checked the web site and it was still there and other web vendors had the same thing for about the same price, so it was not a misprint. I surely am displeased with that salesperson. The product display was such that you couldn't tell the prices of the items. There is only bar code on each on and a price on the shelf, but it was hard to match up the signs with the items, especially with my bifocal glasses.

I will check a competing business for one today. I'm also in the market for a new electric raiser, as mine is making funny noises and it is pretty old.

Hurray, it's almost lunch time!

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