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Good morning

It was a wild night last night. My good cough medicine (with codeine) ran out the night before last, so I was on my own last night. Needless to say, I coughed quite a bit. A little before 2AM, a strong thunder and lightning show rolled in. Our power went out at 2 and was out until about 3AM. I set my wristwatch alarm but I don't thing it went off this morning, so I slept until 5:45AM.

It was still raining a bit when I left for work. The sun was making a valiant attempt to appear and it did pretty well considering. Last night's storm was a dark cloud bank on the eastern horizon, but the sun could be seen just under the clouds. All the way to work the sun played a game of peek-a-boo with the clouds. Behind me to the West the sky was very dark. I think we have a bit more rain coming today. At one point, the sun was behind the clouds, but the glory of the sun was shining out below the cloud. All in all, it was a wonderful show and it would have taking several pictures to do it justice. Why are there no pictures here you ask? All I can say is, I was late for work and it was raining when I got here, so I didn't take the time to get the camera out of my bag. I will try to do better another day!

My breakfast Malt-o-meal is cooling here beside me, so I must attend to it. I hope everyone has a wonderful day and those who need rain get it!

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