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17 July 2001 @ 02:28 pm
It's 93 degrees and it feels like 106 degrees at 59 percent humidity. This is hotter than Houston, TX. Who'd a thunk it?

Just a few more minutes and I am out of here for the day!
Current Mood: contemplativecontemplative
What Can Brown Do For You?jeremyb on July 17th, 2001 12:33 pm (UTC)
Well, it could be -20 and snowing. At least it is easy to drive it hot/dry weather.
Garygdj on July 17th, 2001 01:49 pm (UTC)
Yes, you have that right! And my air works in my car! I always say, I'd rather take the heat than the cold.
What Can Brown Do For You?jeremyb on July 17th, 2001 06:56 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I completely agree, although I don't mind the cold when I can cozy up in a warm blanket all day and do nothing.
Terrialwaysdreaming on July 17th, 2001 12:42 pm (UTC)
THe weather is really something. We have been told to stay inside because of the ozone warning. Its really high!

Good luck with the hot spell!
Garygdj on July 17th, 2001 01:50 pm (UTC)
Thanks Terri. I hear it may be even hotter tomorrow. Can you say heat wave?
leidtexan on July 17th, 2001 01:36 pm (UTC)
Well heck fire, Gary!

That's hot indeed!
Thank goodness for AC, huh!~

My AC is cranking out a 325.00 a month electric bill. ugh! I hate to see this months!

We need to buy a new one, but it's difficult to come up with that much cash all at once and we don't want to finance it.

We may end up having to though. My neighbor has a heat pump/AC thing. They only pay 150.00 at the hottest part of the year! There house is about the same size as ours.
Garygdj on July 17th, 2001 01:52 pm (UTC)
Re: Well heck fire, Gary!
I just thought I'd brag a bit about our temps, to see if you would respond! ;-)

Our electric has not been so bad. We are still catching up on last Winter's gas bill though. We are on an even payment plan and they had to double the plan amount to catch up!
leidtexan on July 17th, 2001 02:28 pm (UTC)
Re: Well heck fire, Gary!
You're a pill:-)

Here they call it "Balance Billing" and we were on it once too. It was way too high in the Winter to justify having it.
We atleast get a reprieve from the high bills come Fall, Winter & {Spring, if we're lucky}
Patriotpatriot on July 17th, 2001 06:49 pm (UTC)
Hey Gary
Hey Gary. Sounds like it really got hot where you are today. It's been pretty hot here too. Yesterday seemed to be the worst.

It sure is great to finally be back online and back on LJ again. I have missed everyone and the encouragement that everyone gives me. Hope you have a great day tomorrow my friend.
Garygdj on July 18th, 2001 04:39 am (UTC)
Re: Hey Gary
Thanks Audis. I think I can speak for most here and say we have missed having you around! Welcome back!
Patriotpatriot on July 18th, 2001 06:38 pm (UTC)
Re: Hey Gary
Thanks for the welcome back Gary. It is so great to be back. I have really missed everyone here on LJ. Technology is wonderful in many ways, especially in it's giving us the ability to reach out literally around the world to make new and great friends. But when the technology fails us it sure is a bummer big time mainly because we loose contact with all our friends. When I got my computer back and was able to get back on LJ I felt like I finally came home.
Garygdj on July 19th, 2001 04:52 am (UTC)
Re: Hey Gary
Yes, it does help us keep in touch! You don't know what you've got until it's gone sometimes.