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Good morning!

As soon as I left my driveway and got a look at the eastern sky, I knew this was going to be a glorious sunrise! There were just enough clouds to make it interesting, but not so many that the sun would be hidden. As the sunrise progressed, there were pinks mixed with blue, gold and gray! What a way to start off the morning, even if it is Monday!

I took at picture early on, so I didn't miss out. Later, once I got out on the interstate, I tried to take another, but I forgot to turn off the auto-flash, so all I got was a flash in the car window. No, I cannot retrieve the picture, as every time I try, my laptop reboots. The camera seems to be functional. I will try again when I get onto my desktop at home.

I hope everyone has a good day! Remember, happiness is where you find it and it can be almost anywhere!

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