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Jarath looked over the crest of the summit at the valley below. The climb up the mountain had taken him several days and he was ready for a change of pace. He knew that the climb down could be just as difficult or perhaps more difficult than the climb up had been, but he was ready for a change.

But Jarath was not prepared for the scene below him. The valley between the mountains was lush. It was particularly startling in contrast to the barren rocks of the mountain summit. Jarath could see that a stream flowed from somewhere near him and emptied out into a lake far below. Down below the timber line, there were many trees. There were pines and firs and another type of tree that he did not have a name for. It was too far to make out much detail, but Jarath could make out a meadow surrounding the lake. The meadow was awash with a sea of colors. There were reds, yellows, blues and pinks, which could only be wild flowers and there were green patches here and there where the grass showed through. At this distance, it was not possible to actually see individual flowers as one flower blended with the next to form a patchwork effect, like one of the quilts his grandma used to make.

Jarath decided to stop for a quick meal, so he could soak in the beauty of the scene below. He knew that he would not see this complete view again, especially when he got below the timber line, as the trees were dense enough to restrict his view of the land below. Jarath's meal was simple, as his supplies were running low. Only water and some dried, smoked meat remained in his pack. He was hopeful that he would be able to replenish his supplies in the lush valley below, but for now the view before him was enough to refresh his soul and the food filled the empty spot in his stomach.

Shouldering his pack, Jarath started down the mountain. He wanted to be below timber line before dark, so he would have the trees as shelter from the cold, Spring winds. At this altitude, it could get quite cold at night and he wanted to be prepared.

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