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Good morning!

I took two counts of nine this morning. I wasn't really ready to get up and this is Abigail's first morning back in school, Pam wanted me to be sure she was up, so I delayed myself a bit so I could bug her!

The sun was a bit more up than the last several mornings as I made my drive to work, but I really wasn't too much later, as I got to work at just after 6:30. I didn't see any pretty colors this morning.

Hallelujah, I am cough medicine free! I almost took some codeine stuff last night and I decided not to at the last minute. It was touch and go for a few moments there, but I made it through the entire night without coughing! Thank you for all your prayers!

I hope everyone has a good day today. Just one day til Friday! TGIAF!

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