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Good morning!

Under the dark layer of clouds in the Eastern sky was a dim band of pink. As I got closer to my destination, there appeared several bands of pink as the clouds higher above the horizon felt the affects of the sun. I hoped that the clouds meant that Peg was getting her rain, but in reality she is probably farther East than the clouds. In a few more minutes the sky between the clouds was lightening and then deepening to a blue tint. It was almost like a baby show decoration with the baby blue and pink! This was the best sunrise I have seen in a while, especially since I haven't seen much at all for the last several days.

I gave in last night and took a bit of cough medicine. I probably shoot have toughed it out, but I was weak and now I am paying the price with codeine hangover. I must be strong. I think my cough at this point is as much mental as it is physical.

I hope everyone has a great day. TGIF and the weekend is almost upon us!

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