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25 August 2001 @ 02:40 pm
We just got back from taking our pastor and his wife out for lunch. We went to our new Indian restaurant and they had a buffet. It was very good, but we were all sweating by the time we were done. Very spicy!
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jesusrock7: shrekjesusrock7 on August 26th, 2001 08:25 am (UTC)
I remember all the awesome (cheap!) Indian food available in Malaysia, especially Penang--on the west coast. My favorite is the "capati" aka "roti canai" -- pronounced cha-pa-tee / ro-tee cha-naye. It comes with either a spicy curry sauce or a milder "dall" (sp?) sauce, which I prefer. Nuts...now I'm getting hungry!

(In Malaysia, most residents are either aboriginal Malays, Chinese-Malay, or Indian-Malay; lots of construction workers are illegal immigrants from Indonesia.)
Garygdj on August 26th, 2001 02:44 pm (UTC)
Re: yummy!
When our outreach visited Singapore, we took a day trip to Malaysia, but I don't remember getting to sample the local food. I do remember some good meals in Thailand and Singapore. We are bless here in the Kansas City area to have many international restaurants to choose from!