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What is Truth?

Every Word which flows from the mouth of God is Truth!

The things of this earth are temporary. Sooner or later everything on this earth will pass away. Flowers bloom in the Spring and are quickly gone. Mountains are quite a bit more enduring, but even a mountain is slowly worn away by wind and water. I enjoy watching sunrises, but they are one of the most fleeting things around. Ten or fifteen minutes pass and the sunrise is gone. Only the memory of the sunrise remains, or if I am blessed, I may have taken a picture.

I can look on things of this earth and receive joy. I can be blessed by God's creation, no matter how fleeting it is. But if I hook my hope on the things of this earth, I will be disappointed sooner or later. The flower will wilt and the sunrise will fade away.

There is an invisible realm all around us. My wife was beautiful when I married her and she is still beautiful. One day, she may not be beautiful as the world judges beauty, but to me, she will still remain beautiful because, for me, her beauty does not depend entirely on the physical. Her beauty flows from within her. It flows from her spirit which is nourished by the Spirit of the Lord! This invisible realm will not wither or fade. It will not disappoint because it is more real than the physical realm that we can easily see. I cannot see this spiritual realm with my natural eyes. I must see it with the help of the Holy Spirit and my faith in God.

I give glory to God for His "invisible", but very real realm! Thank you Father for providing a Kingdom which will remain!

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