Gary (gdj) wrote,

My father served in the US Army during World War II. I joined the Army during the Viet Nam Era, although I did not go to Viet Nam. I am glad that our military is strong and there are those who are willing to give up their time and often, their lives to preserve our freedom!

Whether I see the cause as just or not, I will always support our men and women in the US military services. I also stand behind our President. He needs our prayers and not our criticism.

I see many here in LJ saying that we should not seek an "eye for an eye". I don't believe our President will use the military in that way. I'm not sure those who use that term really understand what that means. For our action to be seen as "an eye for an eye", we would need to send planes to crash into a big building of theirs, so that many civilians would die. For one thing, they don't have an such buildings in any of the countries that might be supporting the terrorists. Additionally, that sort of retribution would not do anything to stop the terrorists and would probably just make them want to do more to us. I know that our leaders know this also.

I am not a war monger. If I thought there was a way to solve this through diplomatic means, I would be all for it. We have tried to do that in the past, and it has not worked. Economic sanctions don't seem to work either.

This is a matter of justice and prevention, not a matter of revenge! Our government and the military will work toward the solution. As a people, we must not hate any nationality or religion. This tragedy was not caused by the average Muslim or person from any Muslim country. It was caused by a select group of fanatical terrorists. We must not forget that!

I have already dropped one person from my list because of their anti-government statements. I am considering an additional drop. I will fight for anyone's right to say what they want in their own journal, but I do not have to read it!

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