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I finished the Lord of the Rings Trilogy night before last. I read it 30 years ago, and while it's been too long ago to remember exactly how I viewed it the last time, it seemed pretty new and fresh for a book that I've read before. I've picked up a book that I've read before by accident, and I always know from the first sentence or two that I have read the book before. Maybe I read the paperback and the second time I got it from the library. Or it could be the other way around. I AM influenced by the pictures on the cover of books, but I usually do try and read a bit of the book to get the style of the author.

There are a few authors who stand up to multiple readings. J. R. R. Tolkien is definitely one of those! I was just barely out of high school the first time I read the Trilogy, so I am sure that I did not enjoy the books on the same level as I did this time. I'm really looking forward to the movies, but I doubt if they will match the books in their quality.

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