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The latest news...

Good morning!

I finally went to be last night at 9:30. Windows XP Pro was still installing, so I let it run. I'm such a nerd! I didn't sleep well thinking about it. :-)

When I went downstairs this morning, it was sitting at a prompt to set the time and date. I answered and it started installing network. The good news is that it did not get a blue screen of death all night. In fact, it hasn't had one since I removed the memory. I left it running and came into work. It will no doubt stop at another prompt before it is done, so it will be waiting for me again. I'll probably stop on the way home and take advantage of these low memory prices and replace the 128M that I removed with a 256M, giving me 512M total.

I hope everyone has a good Wednesday! Is everyone ready for some Turkey?

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