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I've been bad :-)

I can't seem to update on weekends! I do read some of my friends page to try and keep up and I do comment from time to time.

I slept well last night and 5:30 surely did come around quickly! I feel rested, so I guess that's alright. They say we might get to 65 degrees today. That would be wonderful for December. It was nice on Saturday and Sunday, although it was a bit windy yesterday.

We got together with the daughter of Pam's friend from Virginia and her husband. Nichole and her husband Pat are both straight from college and decided to relocate to this area because of a church here. They are both looking for work, although Nichole does have a small teaching position at the church's Christian school. We had a good time at lunch with them.

I hope everyone has a good Monday!

Perhaps I will have more later.

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