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07 January 2002 @ 06:45 am
Good morning!  
I had a pretty good weekend. As usual, it was too short and was over before I knew it. We got a bit of snow on Sunday morning, but it wasn't enough to even make a mess in the street.

Today it's quite cold this morning, but they say 40 by this afternoon. Tomorrow, they say 50. We will withhold judgment until it happens. :-)

I hope everyone has a good day today. We are in for a long week, but we can do it!
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
man_vs_wild on January 7th, 2002 04:44 am (UTC)
Morning Gary. Yes, we are in for a long week, but I'm holding faith that it will be a good one for us all!

The weather is supposed to warm up here as well! Sure beats the heck out of last year by a long shot!

Gary: coffeecupgdj on January 7th, 2002 05:05 am (UTC)
So far, so good!
Patriot: bluepatriot on January 8th, 2002 04:39 am (UTC)
Good Morning Gary. I know it's a day late on this one but with LJ being down it's the best that I could do. I'm usually known for being a day late and a dollar short anyway....LOL.

I hope it does reach that 50 degree mark for you today as they were claiming yesterday. I hope it hits 50 here....LOL. For Louisiana we are having some weird weather this past week.