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30 October 2000 @ 07:26 am
It was actually light when I got to work today. I like that, but I sure don't like it getting dark at 5pm! I wish they'd leave the time alone.

No time changes was one of the many things I enjoyed for the short time we were in Hawaii. Too bad it's so expensive to live there.

A wave of sleepiness just washed over me, and after a veni no less! Ah, Monday mornings, you got to hate them!
Current Mood: sleepysleepy
lakme on October 30th, 2000 05:23 am (UTC)
What's a veni?

Veni vidi vici??
Garygdj on October 30th, 2000 05:40 am (UTC)
Isn't that a Starbucks size? What are the sizes?
Is it venti?
MJ1485squares on October 30th, 2000 05:57 am (UTC)
time change?
That Daylight Savings Time crap has ALWAYS been questionable. And it seems that both in the Fall AND the Spring- I feel like I LOST an hour! And HOW IS IT that MAN can change the TIME???? My 'girls' never cared... milking time was milking time! The farmer REALLY doesn't care about the light or dark... you get done as much as you can get done! Up way before sunrise.. (I got the girls up -and down to the milk house pen at/by STRICTLY 4AM! We watched the sunrise together EVERY morning while neighboring farmers were all doing their OWN chores!).. and worked 'til WAY after dark. (Gotta finish milking- even IF it's dark outside! and then neighboring farmers were still out in the field, too. ALL the combines and tractors have lights, ya know) That's why EVERYBODY took at least one nap a day.....and 'lunch' was called 'dinner'... it was about the only time everyone could get together and sit down together somewhere besides the barn or the machine shed. It really was the middle of the day. CITY life is SO different. And WHY do city people need a time change?

I'm a mess about the changing of clocks for about a week--- every time this happens. Right now I only have one clock CORRECTLY set in the house. (and the truck is set OK, too)

WHAT the hell TIME IS IT anyway?????
Garygdj on October 30th, 2000 06:46 am (UTC)
Re: time change?
Farming sounds like a lot of work, but rewarding I am sure!