Gary (gdj) wrote,

By jove, I think I've got it! :-)

I went by the UPS depot this afternoon and the lady who helped me was on some kind of medication. She was about to tell me that my computer was not there. She asked when I had called. I told her and she looked again and found it. I was in no mood to be told no! :-)

So, here I sit, using my new Dell 1.8G Pentium 4. *big smile*

In other good news, I found my computer glasses. They were right where I had left them of course, which was on a table where I had laid them when I was messing with my old computer! I can't see well, for the up close work on anything and my bare eyes are best, so I had taken them off. I had just about given up on finding them and was going out tomorrow to buy some new ones. I still need to get my eyes checked and get some new glasses, but the need is not quite so urgent now!

Well, I'll be busy for a while now. I'll be back here tomorrow! :-)

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