Gary (gdj) wrote,

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Confusion abounds...

Frankly, I'm more than a little confused about a person or two who used to be on my list.

Several on my list have changed names for one reason or another and this is not about you. You announced your intentions. Usually it was for security and harassment reasons. In one case, it was to change a perceived image. I have no problem with those kinds of changes.

If you delete your journal and disappear without a word, I will delete your journal off my list. It's not personal, you are gone. Why should I continue to check a deleted journal? If you come back under another name and I am not invited to join you, then I must assume that I am undesirable to you, especially when I see others on your list who somehow knew to add you. When this happens and there appears to be no logical reason behind it, I am confused. I know that it may just be an oversight, but I am funny that way. I will not tread where I perceive that I am not wanted.

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