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I have a pair of black jeans that I often wear. I'm always surprised at how easily they show the least little spot of dust or other contamination. My spiritual life is often like that. Just when I think I've got a principle down, a test shows up and I fail it miserably. Just when I think I've got this Christian life figured out, Father shines His light a little deeper and I find something I had forgotten about!

The wonderful thing about God's love for us is that He has provided a way for us. Sure, I can wash my jeans and they'll be almost as good as new. Under God's old covenant, I could offer up a bird or a lamb as a sacrifice and my sin would be covered for a short time. God's new covenant through Jesus Christ is so much better. Father doesn't just wash our jeans, He gives us a new robe that is so white we are blinded by it's brilliance! Even better, this new robe does not depend on our doing good to retain it's white. This new robe is the very righteousness of Jesus Himself! Whenever Father looks at us, He sees the righteousness of His Son shining out from us!

Of course, this does not mean that we should not ask forgiveness when we sin, nor does it mean that we should abandon ourselves to sin! It does give us a freedom to live our lives without the shadow of the law hangin over our head! We are now free to love God and man without guilt and compulsion. (Romans 8)

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