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Good morning

The Eastern sky was smeared with light, wispy, pink clouds this morning. As I drove to work, the pink slowly washed out of the clouds. It's still pretty hazy and I think that diffuses the sunlight and lessens the sunrise display. We are supposed to get a break from the heat today with a high of "only" 90 degress F. :-)

I went to the YMCA last night and had a workout. I managed to stay on the Precor torture Crosstrainer for 30 minutes! The readout said I had travelled about 2 miles. My legs were like jelly when I got off. I cooled down with a 10 minute wlak walk on the treadmill. I think I may have overdone it a bit. I weighed when I got done and the scale showed 253 which is a bit lighter unless my shoes are over a pound each. :-)

Happy Hump Day everyone! The weekend cometh soon! :-)

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