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Where is that camera?

The cooler weather has fixed our haze problem and the sunrise this morning was a magnitude better. I don't know if my words will do it justice. I'm sure a picture would do much better!

There was a large wispy layer of clouds over much of the sky in the Northeast. A smaller dark, gray set of clouds were placed next to the pink clouds for contrast. In between the two sets of clouds was a clear spot, like a window. The light blue sky could be seen through this "window". Also in the "window" were several small fluffy white clouds that were small enough and close enough that I could see them in 3D. It would have been nice to watch this sunrise from a back porch instead of a moving car. I couldn't pay as much attention to the display as I wanted to.

I hope everyone has a great day today. Three down and two to go! :-)

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