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18 July 2002 @ 06:23 am
Good morning  
The sunrise started slowly this morning, but there were plenty of clouds in the East for contrast and effects. I actually remembered my camera too! I shot a few pictures on the drive to work. I'm not sure how they turned out because it's hard to tell using the little view window on my camera. I wanted to take another from the work parking lot, but alas, the camera would not cooperate. I may have used all of the battery with my other pictures. I'll try and post some pictures tonight.

It's going to be another hot one here today. They are saying 93 again, but we will see! I hope everyone has a great day today! Two more days until the weekend and this one is almost half over for the Eastern most of my LJ friends!
Current Mood: awake
rbud: danceing roserbud on July 18th, 2002 09:26 am (UTC)
No matter if the pictures are good or not..
the fact that you have started remembering the camera in a step toward seeing good pictures *grin*..cuzz I know you will capture a good sunrise sooner or later.

hope your day is going well.
BTW nice icon!
Garygdj on July 18th, 2002 09:39 am (UTC)
Thanks Peg! I had the car running in the driveway and I remembered it and went back to get it!